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Maintenance technology workshop, repair of roads under the new technology and equipment

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Vietnam is a developing country, every year the Government investment for the industry of TRANSPORT tens of thousands of billion to upgrade, renovate, build new system of roads in the country. Construction method of road surface is carpet tradition Beton Asphal new class, override the way Beton Asphal old layer or crop the old way of removing old material layer, lu lèn satisfactory to carpets, bituminous concrete layer. This construction method is to use a large volume of materials: asphalt, rocks, the necessary additives and not take old materials for recycling. In the long term the quarrying affect resources, ecological environment. Besides that we also need to a big foreign currency to import bitumen, other fuels each year.
Implementation of the Ministry of transport, the General Department of Vietnam on research, applied technologies of scraping the old road surface layer peeling recycling to conserve and make use of the materials for old asphalt in Vietnam. As early as 2011 Transmeco Corporation has actively co-operated with Astec Industries Corporation (United States) this is specialized in manufacturing corporation, provides dual mixing hot recycling technology, scraping peeling and recycling, to transfer technology, take scientific and technological progress in Vietnam. At present Transmeco Group has been commissioned by Roadtec group Industries is the official exclusive distributor of the devices of Roadtec Industries competition in Vietnam.
On 23/5/2013 in Ho Chi Minh City, Astec Industries Group Transmeco Group organized a seminar on ' technology maintenance and repair of roads in the latest technology and scraping peeling, recycling, reusing the materials present on the former with the equipment, technologies of Astec Industries do in terms of construction works in the Philippines ". Attending the workshop were representatives: U.s. Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City; the Department of TRANSPORT: Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An, BA RIA-Vung Tau; The road and bridge-the port of the city; University of TRANSPORT and Ho Chi Minh City; the CTGT construction Corporation: 1, 5, 6, thang Long, Son; the organ of consultation, design, quality management and internal and external construction TRANSPORTATION industry; enterprises; mass information bodies of the Central Government, local and sector of TRANSPORT.
At the workshop Transmeco Astec Industries Corporation Group and introduced the entire process technology, new equipment, construction services, repair, upgrading of advanced resin concrete that Astec Industries Corporation in the United States and Transmeco will deploy in Vietnam. The speaking of speech: U.s. Consulate Trade Office; of research experts in the field of TRANSPORT; The road and bridge-the port of Ho Chi Minh City; The Department of TRANSPORTATION of the city; have analysis and clarification topic workshops. The delegates appreciated new technologies, new equipment that Transeco reception and the upcoming deployment will bring more useful in the construction of bituminous concrete road surface: natural raw materials saving, preserving the environment, improve the mechanization construction of the roads, improve working conditions for laborers on construction sites. The deputies believed new technology, new device that Transmeco Group Corporation and Astec-Roadtec are deploying will be the contractor Vietnam and widely practiced in Vietnam.
Earlier in Hanoi, Transmeco Group and representatives from the two companies Astec Industries and Roadtec Industries held a number of seminars with the science technology (Ministry of transport) and Service, maintenance Service of science and technology-environment-international relations (General Directorate of roads in Vietnam) on the road surface recycling technologieshot recycling technology, to use material scraping peeling; discuss build process execution, process trials under U.s. technical standards applied in practice in the Philippines. Under the direction of the science technology (Ministry of transport) Transmeco will actively collaborate with scientific and technological Institute of TRANSPORT to soon complete the testing of new technologies in the laboratory and field.
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