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Opened TRANSMECO bitumen emulsion plant

Tin đăng ngày : 25/01/2014 | 778 lượt xem
Am 4/4/2013, in Haiphong, the company supplies transportation equipment (TRANSMECO) held a "workshop on topical application of asphalt emulsion in road maintenance, construction and inauguration of emulsion asphalt plant TRANSMECO.
To attend the workshops and factories of asphalt emulsion TRANSMECO represented the Service Science Service infrastructures of Transport-Ministry of transport, representatives of management service & road maintenance-General Directorate of roads in VIETNAM, Academy of TECHNICAL SCIENCE Society of transport, CN & bridges and roads in Vietnam, The HO CHI MINH CITY port, highway and bridge The SCIENTIFIC road to Hanoi; representing the Agency in Hai Phong: Hai Phong economic zone MANAGEMENT BOARD, the Department of TRANSPORT in Hai Phong with representatives of companies, the news agency reported.
This is the production of asphalt emulsion of TRANSMECO in the North, are investing in the latest technology of France today with automatic production process is self contained, no solid waste, liquid waste, waste gases, do not pollute the environment. With a capacity of 15 tons per hour, each year the plant can produce over 20,000 tonnes of emulsion products supply types for market demand. Besides supplying bitumen emulsion products in stock, TRANSMECO also offers many other services according to the customer's requirements, such as: transportation, construction and irrigation spray emulsion emulsion by specialized vehicles, technical plastic concrete construction with asphalt emulsion.

Mr. Pham displacement — a fellow standing A Commissar of Hai Phong, Hai Phong economic zone MANAGEMENT BOARD Chief attended the opening ceremony and speech in the seminar

Mr. vu Kim Transmeco-Chairman of the Board and Mr. displacement — a fellow standing A Commissar of Hai Phong, Hai Phong economic zone MANAGEMENT BOARD Chairman
perform the rite inaugurated the plant

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Long, Vice Chairman of VIETNAM Association of Highway and bridge SCIENTIFIC speaking at seminar

Mr. Dang Dinh Thuan, General Director of TRANSMECO introduces the process of research, production of bitumen emulsions TRANSMECO brand

Lines for production of emulsions in sync are imported from France

The plant is investing system testing equipment, to guarantee the quality of asphalt emulsion products before delivery to the client

The modern laboratory equipment in the factory's lab